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#1 Whole House Humidfier - Aprilaire 700 Automatic Whole-House Powered Humidifier

The #1 rated whole house humidifier is the Aprilaire 700 Humidifier.

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Aprilaire 700 Review

Features in the Aprilaire 700 Automatic Whole House Humidifier include:

  • The Model 60 control for digital blower activation.
  • A truly automatic unit, it combines the Model 60 control with its own outdoor sensor.
  • It features the Aprilaire 35 model water panel, a transformer of 110V to 24V, and a built-in damper bypass system.
  • It has a water feed of six gallons per hour and an evaporation rate of .75 gallons per hour. 

The reviews are solidly in the Aprilaire’s favor, with customers remarking on the greatly improved humidity their entire house now enjoys; a number of consumers speak of this as the recommended unit from their plumber or contractor for whole home humidifying.   In addition, most consumers found it easy to install, a snap to run automatically, and discovered it requires little maintenance beyond cleaning and replacing water. 

It is necessary, remarked one customer, to be a good do-it-yourselfer as far as installation, as it does need several pipe fittings and adjustments to work properly; newcomers to home owning might consider hiring their own technician.   The estimated time for a do it yourself model is approximately six hours, so one can plan on that time for labor if the work is contracted out. 

Most customers consider this a top of the line model, and it is the only humidifier that is consistently recommended as a whole home model with greater than 4-star approval.   In addition to its relatively easy installation and service, as well as low maintenance and energy saving features, it is also considered a great buy economically, as its price makes it an affordable unit for almost all family budgets. 

There are negatives mentioned by a few consumers (none of whose reviews are entirely negative, however); some feel the unit uses a great deal of hot water wastefully (one was wistfully pointing out that this hot water, recycled, could have done double duty cleaning dishes or laundry).  Others had complaints about non-functioning individual parts (such as transformers, which seem to be the first shipping casualty and the most frequently replaced). 

Most, however, are happy with the economy, the installation and best of all the immediate and discernable difference in the humidity and comfort of their home; most customers now run their heating and air conditioning far less since their unit was installed.

The Aprilaire is a very happy humidifying experience for virtually every customer, and the most inexpensive and easy-to-use whole home unit currently available on the U.S. market.